About us



EPPS Elektronsko pismo Pošte Slovenije d.o.o., which has been the leading printing centre in Slovenia for over 20 years now, established a new branch in the Republic of Croatia in 2018, with its head office in Zagreb. This was its response to the expectations and needs of its partners and the beginning of its expansion to the south-eastern part of Europe.

EPPS Zagreb is equipped with the most state-of-the-art printing and enveloping systems of leading global producers. The production process is fully automated and IT-connected. It is headed by a professionally qualified team with many years of experience, thus providing high-quality implementation and data security.

The printing centres in Zagreb and Ljubljana are independent of each other. However, the same technology and identical business processes provide a crucial competitive edge and important added value.
Due to our understanding of the risks stemming from personal data sensitivity, we operate in a controlled, secure and monitored environment.
As a member of the Pošta Slovenije Group, we apply the best possible experience that we have gained through our presence on various and international markets.

Our services

We provide printing services, production tracking, and e-archives.

About us

With a team of over 50 employees, 84 million postal items and 130 million printouts, we generated EUR 14 million in revenue in 2018.

EPPS is a member of the Pošta Slovenije Group, which through combining postal services, logistics, e-trade and contemporary IT approaches, provides reliable services for the flow of information, money and goods.

Alongside the high-volume printout of variable data, we also provide other supplementary services that ensure our partners’ business is optimised and their customers’ needs are satisfied: a remote printer service, the preparation and forwarding of e-Invoices, and the e-Archive.

EPPS uses the most state-of-the-art solutions of globally recognised producers with 100% redundancy, with the highest possible level of reliability that is a crucial competitive edge and a service with added value.

EPPS provides its partners in the region with the most state-of-the-art technology, and through redundancy, also with the highest level of operational reliability, which alongside the most advanced technology and affordable prices, represents a crucial competitive edge, and brings significant added value to our partners.