Printout services and logistics, production management, e-archives

Printout services and logistics, production management, e-archives

Variable printing of documents (high-volume printout of variable data):

  • consultancy and comprehensive preparation of documents for printing in terms of the design, layout (appearance) and content of data;
  • electronic data capture for high-volume variable printouts (IBM Sterling Connect:Direct, SFTP, etc.);
  • information processing and pre-preparation of input data (xml, csv, txt, pdf, etc.);
  • purchase of all types of intermediate goods (paper, envelopes, forms, production and printout of all types of marketing documents, etc.);
  • variable printout of addressed and unaddressed high-volume documents (black and white, colour).

Enveloping (insertion) of documents:

  • automatic enveloping or insertion of one or multiple A4 documents in envelopes of various dimensions;
  • enveloping of marketing material into envelopes of various dimensions;
  • possibility of selective insertion of different documents, enclosures and marketing materials;
  • automatic monitoring and control by identifying a specific user and postal item.

Logistics of printed and enveloped material:

  • dispatch of prepared postal items for transfer (delivery) to the selected distributor.

B2B portal for on-line activity monitoring:

  • web application for regular monitoring of the status of production in all process;
  • possibility of reporting according to customer needs;
  • communication via a single point;
  • forensic reports.

Monitoring the return of undelivered mail:

  • an application that enables quick and simple updating of data, an increase in the effectiveness of charging and a reduction in printing costs associated with the re-printing and re-sending of multiple undelivered
  • archive of indexed documents according to customer needs;
  • access via a web application in a secure environment.

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